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How to Manage Budget Constraints in Government Security Operations

How to Manage Budget Constraints in Government Security Operations

For many government security operations centers, what you hope to be able to do – and what your budget actually allows – can be dramatically different. That is because in addition to the types of budget constraints private businesses have to manage, your budget may also be impacted by everything
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How to Manage False Alarms in Government

Managing false alarms is a perpetual challenge for government organizations, from federal agencies to local city councils. Because they have such a big impact on resources, government organizations must develop effective strategies for reducing false alarms. Here’s what you need to know about false alarms and how to stop them.
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The Importance of Employee Training in Alarm Monitoring Operations

Government agencies know how vital it is to invest in top-notch security. In pursuit of establishing a strong baseline of security across the organization, they will often strive to secure the best technology, systems, and software their resources allow.  But no security system is flawless, no matter how technically sound
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Threats and Opportunities: The Future of Alarm Monitoring Operations in Government

When we consider the future of alarm monitoring and security operations in government, it’s clear that technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning will transform everything–as they already are. For example, today’s security and alarm monitoring technologies have given us the power to do more with less, often detecting threats
7 Reasons Government Agencies Need Integrated Security

7 Reasons Government Agencies Need Integrated Security

As a government agency, you have a duty to keep your facilities, people, and sensitive data secure. At the same time, you are expected to be a responsible steward of tax dollars, budgeting wisely to maintain the best security systems you can with the resources you have. This is no
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Best Practices for Security Incident Response

When faced with a security incident, your organization’s ability to respond rapidly and effectively can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and major harm to intellectual or physical property, or worse, human lives.  In the case of government organizations where so much is at stake, from classified information to