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Benefits of Central Monitoring Software for Government Agencies

by | Nov 28, 2022

Does your government agency rely on multiple monitoring software platforms for its security operations? Using different platforms for video, access control, perimeter security and more is a huge investment. If you don’t use central monitoring software for government agencies, the time and talent needed to manage everything will slow you down and cost you money.
Monitoring physical devices via multiple platforms poses additional challenges to high-security government agencies and facilities. All the screens, procedures, and people make your security operations more complex. You run the risk of missing critical threats, and crucial data is silo’d. You also have overlapping teams following different processes for the same situation.
There is a better approach. Bringing everything together into one, unified software solution–a central command center–lets you manage everything from one location.
Integrating your systems into central monitoring software streamlines work, divides resources, and reduces redundancies and blind spots.
Using central monitoring software puts everything behind one screen. This allows an agency spread across geographic locations to watch its security posture from a single command center, not 50 different sites.

Is Central Monitoring Software Right Solution for Your Agency? 

Generally, government agencies are reluctant to make big, sweeping changes to their security operations, and for good reason. Many operate with limited budgets and a focus on reducing both headcount and expense. In the past, updating a legacy system–say, a fire system–meant removing and redoing the whole thing. As a result, agencies hold off on making big changes, instead making do with old systems that aren’t efficient and are often behind the times in technology.
However, integrating into a centralized system is not complicated. In most cases, an enterprise-wise system replacement is not necessary. Agencies can now pull all their signals into one software solution, with no rewiring or rebuilding.
For example, SIS Alarm Center is a cost-effective, secure, and trusted solution that integrates hundreds of different signals to provide you with an enhanced, multidimensional view of your security and safety posture. It monitors everything from physical security to cybersecurity, as well as other vital signals like facility and unit capacity, surges, temperatures, resource demand, and more

The Trusted Security Solution for Government Agencies

Alarm Center is the global leader in high-performance alarm monitoring and integration software, especially for government agencies. Not only has it earned the Authority to Operate (ATO) from the U.S. government, but SIS is a government partner of choice and is trusted by agencies like the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
SIS understands the unique demands of high-security government facilities, having passed the stringent testing requirements of the Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) and maintaining strict compliance with Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) and the Secure Configuration Compliance.

What Can Alarm Center Offer?

Alarm Center’s central monitoring software for government agencies integrates a variety of physical and digital signals to create a complete security picture of your operations, so you can respond swiftly to any threats that emerge. It’s a powerful, cost-effective solution offering:
  • Seamless connections between legacy and modern systems, as well as physical security, life/safety, and IT network monitoring. Alarm Center integrates directly into a varied and expansive set of alarm and monitoring relays.
  • Centralized access control and system management for a quicker, targeted response. Simultaneously and instantaneously interpret, monitor, record, and respond to alarm data coming from multiple systems–including fire, burglary, panic, medical, environmental, and more.
  • An unmatched integration platform for streamlined security operations. Get the benefit of selective or automatic responses to alarm signals, with a powerful and unified software platform that can manage millions of data points.
  • Easy adoption and implementation. Our modular, scalable security software is your central command center for alarm and data management, which decreases or eliminates the need for additional (and often expensive) systems.
Learn more about Alarm Center and our solutions for high-security governmental organizations, and contact us for a demo or conversation. Find out how our trusted software can help your agency streamline operations in a smart, secure, and effective manner.

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