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How Does Your Security Team Return Value to the Organization?

by | Nov 12, 2020

return value

Security departments are often treated as cost centers. Yet when you consider the cost in losses, customer confidence, or reparations required had the team’s efforts not been effective, it seems hard to understand why they are not viewed as a value driver. When leaders look for places to cut costs, they naturally look to cut funding for cost centers, and security departments are often high on that list. However, not only are they are missing an opportunity, but they are potentially setting themselves up for a radically different result than they expected. It takes a paradigm shift to realize what was considered a cost center is actually critical to achieving the bottom-line goals.

What does it take to highlight the value your security team is returning to the organization so that your department is considered an investment center? The first step is for managers of these departments to view their teams and the role they play in the enterprise differently.

Tie the Value of the Department to Critical Business Metrics

Do the Math and Quantify Your Value

Manage Business Performance, Not Team Performance

Leverage Technology to Help Provide Additional Value

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